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Best Cheap WordPress Hosting

More and more bloggers and small businesses are starting to use WordPress to build their personal blogs or corporate sites. To help our readers to save some when building WordPress site, in below, we will recommend one web host who offers high quality cheap WordPress hosting solution which includes rich features to support WordPress well and the price could be lower than $3/mo.

After reviewing thousands of web hosting in our directory, we decide to choose JustHost as the Best Cheap WordPress Hosting of the Year.

About Justhost

best cheap wordpress hostingWith 15 years’ experience, JustHost (www.justhost.com) is a superb Linux based web hosting provider founded in 2008 and is fast growing. The company focusing on the single one-size-fits-all shared hosting solution, and offering a trusted shared hosting service. JustHost has been one of best web hosting providers and has earned a good reputation in the communities.

Justhost Is Affordable And Cheap

The price of Justhost is much lower than many other web hosts and their plans start at &6.95/month. Users can follow this exclusive promotion link from Justhost and receive over 57% off, and the final price is low to $2.95/month only, which make Justhost affordable to almost everyone.

Let’s look at the pricing plans from JustHost:

4 year plan – Reg Price ($6.95) Discount Price ($2.95) – Savings $192
2 year plan – Reg Price ($7.95) Discount Price ($4.95) – Savings $72
1 year plan – Reg Price ($8.95) Discount Price ($5.95) – Savings $36

Also customers can receive up to $125 free market advertisement credit, which is good enough to cover all the hosting fees.

Justhost Exclusive Promotion
Up to 54% Off

Rich Features From JustHost

JustHost is 100% compatible with WordPress and all the essential WordPress features are included in the package that will satisfy customer’s needs. JustHost also supports advanced technologies as:

  • Apache mod_rewrite is enabled for search engine friendly URL
  • PHP runs as suPHP for better WordPress security
  • Dual versions of PHP (both 5.2.17+ and 5.3.8+) and the latest version of MySQL to run WordPress smoothly;
  • PHP memory_limited could be at high 128MB, which is good enough to handle a very complex WordPress site;

All these are accessible through ease-to-use cPanel with SimpleScripts integration; users are able to install WordPress via several clicks.

World-Class Technology Data Centers

JustHost is known to employ some of the world’s latest and cutting-edge technologies in providing web hosting services. It has a world-class data center in Orem, UT, equipped with high performance quad processor servers. Theirs Dell servers utilize high-performance with 24 Opteron processors, 32 GB memory, and RAID-5 disk. JustHost’s servers are highly powerful, robust and are monitored 24×7.

Generating 10 Gigabit multiple Ethernet connections is their another specialty.

Customer Support Is WordPress Friendly

Justhost customer support team is one of the most professional teams in the industry. For common WordPress hosting questions, customers are allowed to check its online knowledgebase for solutions.

The company has a familiar-looking support portal with access to server status information, videos, a knowledge base and tickets. Customers can contact the support department via live chat, email, and phone and snail mail to an address in Utah. They work around the clock – 24/7/365 with English speaking staff.

JustHost “Anytime Money Back”

JustHost’s cancellation policy is pretty straightforward they guarantee “Anytime Money Back”. Should you be dissatisfied with the service and cancel an account, you’ll receive a full refund for the months you haven’t used.


We highly recommend Justhost to all WordPress webmasters and beginners because JustHost offers such unbeatable prices for reliable and fast hosting. JustHost is suitable for individuals and small companies.

Don’t miss out its time limited 58% off deal, for more info go to www.justhost.com now or check out Justhost review from their customers.

About John Maxwell

John Maxwell
is the Senior Editor of HostUCan.net where he talk about how to create a web site and start an online business. He has a bachelor of computer science from Farmingdale State College in New York.
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